Katie Paul

Katie Paul is a breath of fresh air. She brings life to a room with her North Carolina accent, tattoos and red lips. Katie, her husband Matt and their dog Wilson picked up and moved from North Carolina on a whim and landed themselves here in North Park and we are lucky enough to inherit her. We are looking forward to welcoming her into our salon family. Being a previous salon owner, she brings a great deal of professionalism to her chair that we very much respect. She is a well rounded hair stylist and her color work is seriously amazing. She can most definitely give you the perfect head of blonde highlights or rich chocolate browns with caramel hues. But at the same time, if you are wanting to rock unicorn or mermaid hair, she will take it to the next level. We hope that you end up in her chair someday to let her work her magic!

BOOK HERE or text her at 619-408-4889