Krystal Usher

Krystal, our positive, joyful happy soul. Krystal literally does not stop smiling. It's the first thing that you notice and the last ting you see during your time in her chair. I have never seen her with a resting face... she has a huge smile, even when she is talking about something that you wouldn't smile about. It's rather fascinating. It looks like her mouth must hurt but it is forever stuck like that. But I am convinced it is because her heart is burning with big passions, love for people and life's wonders. She has this eagerness that yearns for discovery and the desire to hear the hearts and struggles of those around her. She seeks out, pursues and takes advantage of God's creation and believes that it is worth experiencing. Her attitude about life inspires everyone.  She's a seeker, an adventure, and a creative. She may seem like maybe it she isn't real, but after a good conversation with her you realize she is dead seriously, THIS. HAPPY. Everyone needs someone like Krystal in their life, I am just happy to be around her everyday. 

Krystal's mens haircutting skills blow everyone away, everyday. Her understanding of men's hair is on point. She is a true artist in her work behind the chair. Her hair color is stunning and obviously from the photos below you can see that her work is beautiful. I love watching her clients walk away from her chair looking dapper and beautiful. 


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