Liz is off on an amazing Life journey to travel, find what makes her shine and create! She will be back to service her clients here at Salvage one week a month! We will miss her here in the salon but we are equally as excited for her to go and be free to do whatever her creative heart desires.  Liz has a ton of experience in all types of hair. She is an expert at shaping curly hair and loves to educate her curly hair clients on how to wear and work with the curl you have been blessed with. She is truly a master at creativity and structure.  Her clientele is loyal and strong and a group of kick ass people who adore her.  Not to mention,  her Tennessee accent puts out some serious feels.  She's a beach bum who collects sea glass and gems to create beautiful jewelry and head pieces sold here at Salvage. She's a traveler, a camper, a lover of the wide open outdoors and animals. I could go on and on about this girl. She works hard to make people look good, she enjoys her time spent with her clients and I am sure they all look forward to hearing her crazy travel stories. 

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