Meet sweet Liz. No her. You will love being with her. Her Tennessee accent will make you feel like she can pretty much get away with saying whatever she wants to and no matter what, it will be funny. She puts her relationship and friendships first in her life and they are all lucky to have her. Liz loves her parents pet pig named "Dorothy Jean" and she has a thing for outdoors and combat boots. She is a family gal with more siblings than I would like to remember. She makes her grandparents proud, ( I know this because they repost pictures that I post of her on Facebook). Sweetness, right? But what we love about Liz, is she gets excited about her work everyday and it shows. She is one of the most talented stylists we have had the pleasure of working with. We are secretly fist pumping behind her back that she works at our salon!. She works hard to make people look good, she enjoys her time spent behind a chair, and as salon owners and friends, we value her greatly.

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