Meet sweet Liz, our bohemian bae. No her. You will LOVE your time in her chair. She is CRAZY talented and one of the most well rounded stylists I have ever worked with. Truly a master at creativity and structure.  Her clientele is loyal and strong and a group of kick ass people who adore her.  Not to mention,  her Tennessee accent puts out some serious feels.  She's abeach bum who collects sea glass and gems to create beautiful jewelry and head pieces (sold at Salvage and Instagram @thesunsetsouls.) She's a traveler, a camper, a lover of the wide open outdoors and animals. Her dogs, Fig and Reef are a pretty big deal and Fig is currently learning to surf! I could go on and on about this girl. Needless to say, we are secretly fist pumping behind her back that she works at our salon! She works hard to make people look good, she enjoys her time spent behind a chair, and as salon owners and friends, we value her greatly.

                           Bookings with Liz:

                                 Follow her on IG: @elizabethbarnetthair