Skylar DeLong

Skylar is our no bullshitter, potty mouth, full of life lover and adventurer. Her smile is engraved in your brain once you meet her.  She is so unique, sweet and complex. Everything she does and says has a purpose and meaning. She swims in the ocean on her lunch breaks. She brings an energy that lets you know that whoever you are, be that. She is a science nerd and aspiring chemist. She is that effortlessly skinny girl that eats a bean and cheese burrito every single day. Her dog Hudson is 106 lbs of pure snuggle love and if you follow her on Instagram you will see why.  She will give it to you straight if you ask her for advice and she will dig into your life and listen if you let her. She's your friend that keeps it real. 

In the hair world, stylist you want working on your hair because you are NOT getting what won't look good on you, she will refuse and straight up tell you why that is not going to work for you. She is our curly hair specialist in the salon so if you have curly, textured hair, then you absolutely need her to work her magic.  She is wicked talented and can color hair like a beast. If you want something  really creative, she eats that up! If you want something really soft and beautiful, she's all yours. .  We love this girl and are so grateful that she has chosen Salvage Salon as her home. 



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